April 3, 1850

It is also very informative what 15-year-old Alexander Von Rosenberg-Nassau writes to his friend, Gustav Knopke, in the old country.

Rosenberg-Nassau, April 3, 1850.

Dear Gustav,

We have a very nice house for Texas. Father has 5 horses and 10 cows with calves. To Lina and Eugen each belongs a cow, and to Walter and myself belongs a calf. One belongs to Libussa too. Eugen also has two horses, and Walter and I also have two. Each has a white mare. The cows’ calves also belong to us. We also have cats and dogs. We aren’t going to school now but will soon be going. I can already talk to our two Negroes. I have been to two towns, Routerville and Lagrange.

Routerville is twelve miles from here, and I have ridden there on horseback. I went to Lagrange in the wagon. In Texas II have killed two snakes; the one, 5 1/2ft., the other, arm’s length. Both were chicken snakes. Father has bought sheep, and Eugen and I, on horseback, have herded them_twelve miles. On that day our thermometer, which we had at Eckitten, measured 25° (88°F). In Lagrange two Negroes were hanged because they had beaten their master to death and set him on fire.

We have some beautiful fruit here, also three kinds of melons, figs, peaches, and grapes. There is beautiful wild fruit here too, three kinds of nuts – walnuts, persimmons, wild grapes, and other things whose names I don’t know. Greet all my acquaintances.

Your friend,

Alexander Von Rosenberg

To my esteemed friends, our greetings.

A. V. R.