December 2, 1849

Here we take up again the letter of Amanda von Rosenberg to her friend, Pastor Thiel in Memel.

December 2, 1849.

Many weeks have passed; I haven’t written anything for a long time and would like to begin again today. We have had a lengthy voyage with many days of adverse winds or calm. If the wind was favorable, it didn’t last long.

Not until November 22nd did we reach Domingo; up until then the voyage was wearisome. The temperature rose above 25° (77°F), and if there was no wind, we suffered greatly. In addition, there was the unbearable thirst; the water was warm and palatable only if flavoring were added. The passengers became depressed, and minor frictions began occurring. Everything was blah! But when we reached Domingo, the wind was favorable, we were sailing at full speed along the southern coast of Cuba, and could see the mountains of Cuba from afar, the mood changed. Nine days later, on November 30th, we were especially glad, for if the wind remained favorable, we could be in Galveston in 24 hours. But one can not count upon the sea. In the night of the 1st (of December) a violent wind arose that became a gale, and now after 36 hours, though the storm has subsided, the wind is still very strong, the ship rolls and. pitches heavily, and there is a high sea. All hope of reaching Galveston in a few days is gone, and everyone is discouraged. So, I’ll close, for my handwriting is scarcely legible.